Myke Leatham | Brazos County Realty

My wife and I have lived in one of Ami’s properties for about 3 1/2 years now and we have loved it. Right before we moved in they completely re-did our apartment. They laid down really nice tile and wood floors. Since we have been there they rebuilt our back porch, and enclosed the back porch of the bottom two units to give them more privacy. Since we moved in, they have also completely re-done the other 3 units in our complex. I know people in 2 of the other units and they are nice, quite, and keep to themselves. That is about as much as I can ask for in a neighbor. They have always been honest and reasonable with us and haven’t increase our rent at all since we moved in. Prices have been very reasonable. It has been much more enjoyable renting from an individual than a corporate entity that hides behind corporate policy. Anytime we have a problem, we have been able to call Ami directly and she has been able to help us promptly. Our fridge stopped working once and she had someone there by the end of the day. Our AC stopped working late one evening and the AC repair man came knocking on our door around 8pm to fix it. I have rarely seen that kind of service.

I strongly recommend renting from Brazos County Realty.