Myke Leatham | Brazos County Realty

Andra Wisian

Myke Leatham is an outstanding realtor, who works hard for her clients, understands the needs of both buyers and sellers, and strives for a win/win outcome for all involved. Last year we made the decision to purchase a house for our son, who is attending TAMU.  I had researched realtor websites in Brazos County and came across Myke’s site.  I contacted her via email and she very quickly called me to follow-up.  She sounded very nice and had a real can-do attitude. We made the decision to spend one Saturday to look at houses near TAMU campus.  I remember telling my husband not to get his hopes up because I was sure we would have to take several more trips to the area to find a house.  That turned out to be an incorrect assumption! Myke met with us first thing that morning and very efficiently helped us define our targets and budget.  She found about 20 properties that were prospects.  After reviewing the list on paper, we were able to eliminate six from the list.  After that we set out to see the other 14 houses.  She wisely had us keep a top 3 list running throughout the day so that we could narrow the choices. By the end of the day (including a nice lunch at Freebirds!) we had picked a top house and wanted to make an offer.  Myke helped us look critically at the property and list items that needed attention.  Based upon this review, we were able to make a firm offer. The home had been on the market only five days, but we were one of the first prospective buyers to look at it, so we had a jump-start on other folks.  The listing agent said there were lots of people wanting to look at it, but Myke helped us move fast and speed through inspection etc.  Throughout the process Myke and her assistant Rachel used an-online doc signing website that made contract reviews and changes easy to do.  We never had to go back to College Station to sign paperwork–it was all done online, even the closing! Myke helped us find a great property, worked well with the listing agent, and with the help of Rachel, handled all the contract and other paperwork very efficiently. Myke also offered helpful suggestions about rental contracts for tenants as well as referrals for handyman and other sub contractors for various items. We recommend Myke and her team to anyone shopping for property in Brazos County and if we ever want to list our home in C-Stat, we would give Myke the listing in a heartbeat!